I have encountered a number of strange things in my life for which I have no clear explanation. But for most of them I have at least some idea of what might have been going on, even if the only explanation involved the supernatural. But for the following incident, I can’t even find anything in the supernatural to explain it. Because it does involve a dream, I do want to mention something first. Apparently I have a slight case of narcolepsy (or so the doctors tell me). Narcolepsy is known by most people as the disease that makes someone suddenly fall asleep, and for many people who have it, it does exactly that. Since my case is mild, I have never experienced this. In a normal sleep cycle people go into a deep sleep for a length of time and then go into REM for a smaller length. In my case it’s reversed. I spend a larger amount of time in REM. Which means I get less quality sleep and I dream more. In fact, I dream a lot! And I remember them too. I can very clearly recall a number of dreams I had when I was three or four years old, and that was almost 45 years ago.

The strange incident happened in the Winter of 1981 when I was 16. It started with a dream, it was a Friday night I recall. In the dream I was sitting with my Father, Mother, and Sister at the dining room table about to start dinner. I can picture the scene vividly in my mind even now, but ironically I can’t recall what the meal was. Everything seemed normal except for two minor details. My Mother and I had switched places from where we normally eat, and when I looked at the clock, it was nearly 7:30PM. This was unusual because we normally eat between 5 and 6. During the meal my Dad asked me if I wanted to go stargazing in the back yard with our telescope. This is not unusual as we did this a lot and enjoyed it. We went outside into what appeared to be a normal dark Winter evening. My Dad was looking in the telescope, I was gazing up at the sky. As I happened to be looking at a random and normal-looking star, it suddenly winked out. And then I woke up. As dreams go, nothing that unusual. Compared to most of my dreams, this was downright mundane. Nothing special about it at all. Well, at least until the next evening…

I don’t recall anything unusual about that Saturday morning or afternoon. I didn’t think about the dream at all, there was no reason to. I spent the late afternoon down in the basement with my Dad playing ping-pong, table hockey etc. My Mom had been late getting home from shopping and told us dinner would be late, we just kept playing hockey. When we came up for dinner I noticed my Mom had switched our places at the table. When I asked her why she did this she said ‘I don’t know, just sit down and eat your food’. I let it go and started eating. And amusingly I can’t remember what the food was this time either! The seating change got me thinking about the dream and I glanced at the clock, it was almost 7:30. My reaction was calm and along the lines of ‘what are the odds?’, I kept eating and didn’t worry about it. When a few minutes later my Dad asked out of the blue if I wanted to take the telescope out after supper my reaction was more like ‘what the hell?!’. I half-kiddingly asked him if he had any strange dreams the night before, he said he didn’t remember any.

The evening was cold, dark, still, and clear. There was snow on the ground from a week before. The telescope wasn’t the most powerful but you could see the rings of Saturn with it. We enjoyed looking at the sky and counting how many meteors or satellites we could spot etc. My Dad was adjusting and focusing the scope while I was looking up at the sky. I found myself staring at a star that was a little East-North-East of straight up. It was of medium brightness and completely normal looking as stars go. I thought about the dream and all that had happened that evening so far. The star was about where the star in my dream was. I thought ‘if that were the star in my dream, it would wink out about now’. And it did, right at that moment! As I was giving the now vacant spot a thousand yard stare, you could have knocked me over with a feather. After about 10 – 15 seconds the star winked back on. What was I thinking? Nothing really, I was too busy focusing on the star. Less than a minute later it winked out again, and about 10 seconds or so later winked back on. My excitement overcame me and I told my Dad to watch the star, he could tell I was excited about something so he did. In the back of my mind I figured it wouldn’t happen again since someone else was watching. But less than a minute later it winked out. He had one of those ‘huh?!’ reactions. When it winked back on he said ‘what is that?!’ and was as excited as I was. It went through its cycle of winking on and off three or four more times. We were quickly discussing what it might be. There was one feature of its going on and off that was very distinctive. Imagine if you were looking at a flashlight facing you in the dark and someone covered it from left to right, and then uncovered it from right to left. As the flashlight winked out and then back on you would notice it doing this with a slight perception of the movement of what was covering it. This is exactly what we were seeing with the winking of the star. We decided that the star wasn’t blinking, but that something was blocking it from us. But what? There were no lights or sounds of planes or birds. Plus it was blocked for 10 – 15 seconds at a time, something moving across the sky would have to be moving very slowly or would have to be enormous to block it out for that long. But the sky was very dark and star filled. There were other stars very close to the one we were viewing and none of them were getting blocked. Plus there was the to the right and later to the left motion of what was blocking it to explain. We decided that whatever was blocking the illumination must be attached to whatever was causing it, like some kind of shutter. At the moment we came to the conclusion that this was possibly not a natural phenomena and that we weren’t actually looking at a star, it suddenly started moving! It moved to the North-West at what I would call normal orbiting speed. In fact, if I had spotted it for the first time right after it started moving I would have thought it was a normal satellite and not thought much of it. However, as we watched it we could see that it was slowly but steadily accelerating, It didn’t take long for it to fade away in the distance, and that was that. As far as I know, satellites do not stay stationary to the observer (except for possibly at the Equator), suddenly blink out and then back on (they can sometimes get brighter and dimmer as they tumble), or accelerate.  I suppose it could have been a very advanced military project back in 1981, and there is always the UFO explanation. But as I only saw a light and not a craft, there is no way to know for sure.

And of course there still is the dream to explain. I can only think of a few explanations. It could have been that the dream the night before was a complete co-incidence. But given the details of the dream and the unlikeliness of the event itself, I think this is actually the most unlikely explanation. Another is that I was showing some psychic ability and seeing into the future. Although I am open-minded about such abilities, I have never experienced any before or since this event, so I doubt this is the explanation. The only other thing I can think of is that someone or something connected to the illumination got into my mind and caused the dream. But the dream itself (not considering its connection the event afterwards) seemed very normal to me, like something that came from my subconscious as to opposed to a foreign source. If something went to all the trouble of sending me the dream and then manipulating me (and probably my Mom and Dad) to see the star object, then you would think it would have had an agenda. But nothing at all has come out of these events in over thirty years. Well, now that I think of it, one thing has. I wrote this article…

On a cold morning in March of 2007 I was driving to work, the Sun had recently risen and the sky was very clear. I spotted a very unusual animal. It was walking slowly sniffing the ground in an empty farmer’s field, and was about 30 yards away. It was canine, about 4 feet in height from paw to shoulder, dusky in color, and was very feral looking. It had a very large head. Its mouth was slightly open and its jaw looked very large and strong. Even at 30 yards I got a glimpse of its teeth. I slowed my car down and observed it for nearly a minute, it was completely absorbed in what it was doing and paid no attention to my car. There was one more startling feature about it that fascinated me, it had a mane of hair like a horse’s from the back of the top of its skull to about 1/3rd of the way down its back. The mane was at least 6 inches high. The overall visage of this animal was one of viciousness and it almost had a pre-historic feel to it.

The encounter actually disturbed me. I live in the far South suburbs of Chicago. The largest animals we have are deer, there are no bears or animals that could possibly kill a human. The biggest threats (besides humans) are domestic dogs, mosquitoes with West Nile virus, and an occasional rabid animal. There would be no reason not to feel completely safe walking through an empty field on a clear, cold March morning. I kept thinking what if I was doing exactly that and came across the nightmare I just saw…

So what was it? The only thing I could think of at the time was that it was The King of all coyotes. But that didn’t seem right. I have seen coyotes in this area for years and they only slightly resemble what I saw at best. Most coyotes here are fairly small and are even confused for foxes. They are nowhere near the size of what I saw, their heads are much different and they don’t have manes like I saw. It was absolutely not a domestic dog or even a wolf (which don’t live here anyway). I described what I saw to some people that have lived in this area a very long time. Not only had they never seen one of these animals, they had never even heard a rumor of such a thing. What I saw must either have been very rare or very good at hiding. But when I saw it, it wasn’t trying to hide at all. I just don’t see how something like that could be native to this area and not be known. I figured whatever it was, it was just passing through.

A few years later I starting thinking about it again. I decided to get on the internet and look around until I could identify it. At first it was a dead end. But I did come across a picture of a certain breed of Hyena that had the mane and although it wasn’t an exact match, there was a strong resemblance. As far as I knew there were no hyenas in America but I researched them just in case.

That’s when I came across the term ‘Hyote’. It was an animal that supposedly lives in America and is described as a cross between a hyena and a coyote. My first thought was ‘a large hyena-coyote looking animal, that’s it!’. But then I find out that it is considered a cryptid. A cryptid being an animal that has not been scientifically verified to exist, or may have existed at one time but is believed to have been extinct for a long time. Examples of these would be Bigfoot and the Loch ness Monster. I found this exciting and disappointing at the same time. I really wanted to learn about what I saw, and that probably wasn’t going to happen now. So I started researching Hyotes, there is not too much out there to find. I read about a case in the North East (I think it was Rhode Island) where something was attacking and eating people’s dogs. A police officer responded to a call of a dog being attacked and said he saw a creature that looked like a cross between a hyena and a coyote. There have been Hyote sightings in Utah, Colorado, and Montana. People have reported seeing what they thought were hyenas in Alabama and Michigan. A few years back someone took a picture of something like one in Maryland. I remember seeing the picture, and thinking that it looked like a puppy or very young version of what I saw, it even had a mane. Make the animal in the picture much larger, older, and vicious looking and it would be a match. Later someone said they caught one, but researchers said it was just a fox with mange. I know what a fox looks like, and what I saw wasn’t even remotely close, mange or not. It turns out there have been sightings of these creatures for over a couple of hundred years. The Indians referred to them as Shunka Warakin.

I get how bigfoot (if it exists, I am open to it) could remain a cryptid. It hides in deep woods away from people and it’s very smart. But how something like I saw can escape detection so much to remain a cryptid is beyond me. It was walking around an empty field in daylight near numerous subdivisions and a relatively well traveled road, and not even trying to hide! So I know that one cryptid exists, and probably a few others as well. What I saw was not magic or alien, it was an animal that somehow has managed to challenge our society’s ego. The ego that thinks that the only truth is that which can be proven or repeatably observed. The greatest irony is the most important truths still eluding us have never been and may never be either of these. Hyote doesn’t need to be proven to exist for it to live its life. Its status as a cryptid is its greatest defense. Humans won’t hunt to extinction something they don’t even believe in.

When I drive in the area I saw the Hyote, I am always on the lookout to see one again. I never have. And that’s a good thing! I tell myself ‘relax, it was just passing through…’.

Rough Cut (2008 film)

Rough Cut (2008 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rough Cut  is a Korean action drama from 2008. What makes it somewhat unique is that it is a movie about its characters making a movie. For the most part it centers around two of these characters. First is Jang Soo-ta (played by Kang Ji-hwan ) who is a movie star and has played the lead role in a number films where he plays a tough gangster. He becomes somewhat obssessed with his role and likes to stay in gangster mode even when he is not on the set. While Jang is in the back room of a bar having drinks with his director in walks Gang-pae (played by So Ji-sub). Gang is the real deal. He is a gangster and fairly high up in his organization. He is a big fan of Jang’s movies and would like his autograph. He tells Jang that there was a time when he thought he might become an actor himself. Jang tries to stay in his gangster character which causes some tension and misunderstanding among Gang’s men. But Gang is amused and intrigued. The gangster tells Jang that if he keeps working on it that someday he may be a ‘real’ actor. Jang is bothered by this as he is very committed to realism in his acting and feels somewhat inadequate when confronted with the real thing. However their discussion reveals to Gang that gangsters do not rule the world, that average people do. This makes Gang feel inadequate and makes him question how meaningful his life really is.

While keeping up with the pursuit of realism, one of Jang’s fellow actors ‘accidentally’ punches him in the face a few times. Jang loses it and pushes the man down who is injured when some debree falls on him. This man is a very popular star in Korea so the public turns on Jang. The director is up a creek as he can not find anyone who is willing to work with Jang. Jang approaches Gang and invites him to take the role. Gang accepts provided that they keep the realism to the degree that all fights in the movie between them are real. The director points out that in the script Jang loses all fights except the movies finale. Since the actor is not much of match for the gangster, how will that turn out? Gang tells them that Jang will have to truly become an actor, to become his role and beat Gang or the movie will not end the way they want it to. They accept out of desperation.

For the rest of the movie the two characters wrestle with their feelings of inadequacy. For Jang this is not being able to match up to Gang. As an actor he wants so much to become the real thing while the cameras are rolling. And to do this he must be able to beat Gang in the final scene.  As each fight scene goes by and he is defeated, he learns more and gets better, but it doesn’t look like its going to be enough. Gang’s problem is that he is starting to regret not choosing to be an average guy in his life. He wants to be able to connect with the movie crew more than his gang. But this is proving to be difficult. There is a time when he is told by his gang boss to kill a rival. Just when he is about to kill the man, he spares him. But this totally back fires on him and gets him sucked more into the gang life than ever. He just can’t escape it. In the final scene Gang is rooting for Jang to beat him as much as everyone else, but Jang will have to beat Gang’s best. The movie that they all (including Gang) care so much about is in jeopardy. I will not reveal how the movie ends other than to say it is very powerful.

Interestingly Gang-pae means gangster in Korean, and Soo-ta means star. I felt the acting is this move was very well done. Especially the two main characters and the director (played by Ko Chang-seok). On a scale of five stars, I feel comfortable giving it four. I would not say that this is a must see, but it is definitely worth while. I liked this movie a lot.

snowy_owl_193807[1]As weird as my dreams often are, there is almost always a connection to the familiar. The location, some of the characters, fears etc. are traceable to something in my memory or experience. The strangest dreams, the ones that intrigue me the most, are the ones with little or no familiarity in them. Once in a great while I will have a dream where I am not a human. There are two types of these. Dreams that are human-relatable and those that are not. The first type are fascinating, but the second type are absolutely bizarre and almost defy explanation.

Here is an example of the human-relatable type. I was an owl in a woods of tall trees next to a big open field. I was with two close friends who were also owls. They were male and female and had just discovered they were in love. They were excitedly discussing their future together. I was very happy for them. The male was a type of leader among the owls. He was an all around great guy. Respected, brave, smart, kind, the perfect role model. I felt complete loyalty towards him.  Suddenly an eagle on the hunt was spotted. He told me to hide his lover deeper in the woods while he went higher in the trees to keep watch. I saw the eagle, which was flying over the field go by where my friend was. About 15 seconds later the eagle came behind him and grabbed him. His lover and I watched helplessly as he was carried away to his soon to be demise. Although he could not see us, the owl hero knew we were watching. With not even a hint of fear in his voice, he shouted to the female that he loved her and would always watch over her, and for me to take care of her. The eagle was not an enemy trying to be cruel, it was simply hunting for food. It had no idea what was being said or even what scene it had become the center of. Without a thought it broke the hero’s neck. And the world of owls became a bit more empty. The female started to softly cry. I had assumed that the owl had seen the eagle when it flew by in the field. And now I was wondering if maybe he hadn’t and if I had said something then none of this would have happened. I was full of guilt and could not believe that such a wonderful and thoughtful being’s life could get snuffed out so suddenly. When I woke up, I was actually quite upset. This was a fairly powerful dream.

Although disguised with animal characters, this is a very human dream. Replace the animals with people and for the most part it would make complete sense.  There is love, friendship, bravery, fear, guilt, loyalty, heroism and tragedy. It’s all here. We even spoke to each other in language. It’s not a mystery that a human could have a dream like this. Although I must admit I am not sure why I personally had this dream. Nothing even remotely similar to this has ever happened to me. I can not relate either of the owls to anyone I know. I am not aware of any movie I have watched or book I have read similar to this plot that could get so deep into my subconscious to produce a dream like this. And then there is the question of the animals. I do like owls. But I don’t really have an opinion of eagles one way or the other. And I am not aware that eagles hunt owls. So as an individual I am surprised I had this dream, but as a human I am not. The next dream I am about to discuss perplexes me on both fronts.

This dream started out from the third person point of view. There was a large possum-like creature hunting and foraging in a shadowed cavelet. The creature was climbing a very thick strand of vines and leaves that hung from the top of the cave and was over a pool of water. The vines went up about 10 feet and the pool was about 20 feet across. The water in the pool was brown and murky and seemed to be about 10 feet deep (not sure how I knew this). The whole feeling was very pre-historic. There was no trace or even sense of the existence of mankind. Then suddenly the dreamed switched to first person and I was the creature. I was hunting for food and could sense that my prey was in the cave but hiding and camouflaged. At one point I camouflaged myself and calmly stood motionless for quite sometime waiting for my prey to reveal itself. Nowhere in this entire dream did I ever think in language. There was no human-like thought and only a vague sense of what we would call emotions. I just ‘knew or ‘sensed’ things. I knew I was not the top of the food chain. There were threats in the distance, but nothing in my immediate area. I was wary but calm. I climbed down on to a log that laid across the pool. I looked down into the murky water. I could only see a few inches into it but noticed a few fat worms swimming in it. Without hesitation I shut my eyes and dove into the water. Completely immersed I blindly tried to snatch a worm. After I did, I climbed back onto the log and ate it. I do not remember tasting it. I sensed this area was fairly tapped out as far as food went, and walked out into the sunlight. I jumped into a small creek and swam upstream with my mouth open to try to catch something. Eventually a stick got caught in my mouth. I spit it out, and then went back to it. I then woke up.

This dream is non-human-relatable. Replace the creature with a human, and it makes very little sense. There were no thoughts with language, only instinct and sensing. And for the record, I was not hungry when I woke up. There is no reason for a human to have this dream. Unlike the first dream, there was no representation of me in this dream. I frequently use the word ‘I’ when describing this dream, but this is from my memory after waking up, of the part that was in the first person view. But I was not represented here. The observer watching the creature in the beginning was empty, it was not me. In the first dream I was an owl, but in this dream I was not the creature. It was wholly itself. I admit this is hard to describe in words. Not only can I not explain how I had this dream, I can not explain how anyone could. This was not a human’s dream, it was an animal’s…

The bigger cat, Lexi, is actually only 6 or 7 pounds, but Fiddler (the yellow kitten) made her look large. He is about 14 pounds now! All hissing or growling that can be heard is Lexi. It’s just not Fiddlers’s style.



The other day I was watching my cat as he was dreaming. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in that cute little head. If you do a search on ‘animal consciousness’ on the internet you will find there has been a lot of discussion and debate about it over the past few years. Many scientists are coming to the conclusion that many animals are conscious and that they are more similar to us mentally and emotionally than previously thought. My surprise is that anyone is surprised. Anyone who has had a beloved cat or dog as part of their family knows that not only are they conscious emotional beings, but they straight up have personality. I have no doubt that they also have a subconscious, and that they dream. I watch my cat do it all the time.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, one of the tasks of the subconscious is to sort through the barrage of sensory information we are constantly receiving and filter out the trivial, and to determine what is most important for the conscious mind to be aware of from moment to moment. Certainly animals need this ability as much as humans. For both hunters and prey, it’s a key to survival. I often observe my cat using his filters. When the very loud coffee grinder suddenly turns on or I turn up the stereo, it doesn’t disturb his nap at all. But the instant vacuum cleaner comes on, believe me, it has his full attention. In the cat world, vacuums seem to be objects of great importance. If the phone rings, his ears do not even twitch. But if the doorbell rings, he’s all ears. Sometimes I spot an item in the house I have never noticed before, and my wife will tell me she bought it months ago. OK I admit, the thinga-ma-jig-what-ever-it-is wasn’t that important to me and I just didn’t notice it. But if you move just about anything in the house more than a foot, my cat will be investigating. This is his domain and any change to it is of great importance to him.

So back to watching him dream. I see his paws twitch a lot, sometimes all four at once in almost a running motion. He’s chasing something, no surprise there. He also pulls his lips back over his teeth and makes little excited sounds. In a human face this would look like fear or anger. Maybe he is running from something, but I doubt it. He doesn’t have much to make him afraid around here and certainly nothing to run from. It’s not as though he is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, he just likes to keep a wary eye on it. I stepped on his paw once and he yelped. But amazingly he didn’t blame me, he blamed the shoe. So when he walks by the front door where all the shoes hang out, he sometimes approaches them cautiously.  We have another cat, Lexi, who he plays with. When they play wrestle she gets fairly angry, but not him, it’s all fun. She is a hisser, he is a purr machine. He just doesn’t get angry. On that rare occasion when he lightly bites me when I am rough housing with him, he immediately licks my hand to apologize. And then sometimes he nips me a few seconds later, and then apologizes again. But never any anger or fear involved. In fact, I have only seen him hiss four times so far in his four year life. Once as a kitten playing with a toy. One time at the vet’s when a dog got to close to him. Another time when I dropped a pill and I swatted his butt to keep him from getting it. The fourth time was pretty funny. Have you ever tried to purposely sneak up on your cat? It’s almost impossible. No matter how quiet I think I am being, his ears will always move and spot me. And then he will turn, look at me, meow hello, and start purring. I gave up, it can’t be done. Unless it’s by accident and you’re cheating that is. He likes to repose in front of the South facing sliding glass door while the Sun is shining at full strength. One time when he was doing this, I decided to join him. And I put my head on him. I was in no way intentionally trying to sneak up on him. As it turns out the coffee grinder (that he doesn’t care about) was running so he didn’t hear my approach. His eyes were complete slits. I have always wondered how much cats can see when their eyes are like that. As it turns out, not much. When I put my head on him, he stared at me curiously but calmly for about 10 seconds. His pupils became a little wider. I think he thought I was the other cat at first. Then his eyes went full wide, he jumped up scrambling on all four legs and ripped out the only loud hiss he has ever done. As recognition dawned his eyes, he went right back purring. No big deal. His eyes went back to slits, and I rested my head for a moment on my warm purring pillow.

So here is my guess on what my little buddy Fiddler is dreaming about. He loves looking out the window and watching birds, butterflies, and leaves moving or blowing about. He can do it for hours and hours. Sometimes when he has spotted an especially interesting target, he will crouch down and pull his lips back over his teeth sometimes making a little excited chuckling type sound, just like he does while I am watching him dream. At that moment, his target is the most important thing in the world. It’s no surprise he would dream about it. But what about his feet running in his dreams? He has never been outside. If my cat dreams, then he also has imagination. Maybe not so much when he is awake (I don’t know), but surely when he is dreaming. I dream about things I have never done in waking life every night. Fiddler is having very good dreams. He is outside chasing the birds, the butterflies, and the leaves. Or maybe the butterflies are inside the house. I will never know for sure if that is what my friend is really dreaming about. But it makes me smile to think so. Sweet dreams Buddy…

When it comes to UFOs I am not much of a skeptic. I have had my own unexplainable experience, I watch the documentaries on History Channel, and frequent a number of websites. If I am not a believer, then I am at least very open minded about it all. For about 5 years now I have noticed that there is one type of sighting that is repeated over and over from all over the world, especially the US. These are described as Orange Fireballs. I had been following reports on the website for the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) for a number of years. Around 2008 I started noticing the reports of these fireballs with similar characteristics. These continued to increase each year and are frequently reported to this day. By 2011 it almost seemed an epidemic.  www.nuforc.org

From 2008 through 2012 on NUFORC it seems the month with the most UFO sightings is July. And in July it’s heaviest around the 4th. This also appears to be when the fireballs are reported the most. The obvious explanation for more sightings on days like July 4th is that more people are outside and aware of the sky;  watching fireworks etc. So if there are strange unexplainable events in the sky happening year round, they would be spotted more on days like the 4th or even Halloween.

On July 3rd 2011 I was outside with friends enjoying a clear pleasant evening when we saw one of these fireballs. Bright orange, as bright as Venus on clear Winter morning but twice as big, I would guess about 500 feet up, moving at a speed that looked comparable to a small commercial aircraft’s at the height they normally fly, and absolutely soundless. Its color was the same as fire and I felt that I perceived a slight flickering to it, but I can not say for sure. The object moved in a straight line from North to South right over us at a constant speed on a very still windless night. After moving across about 2/3rds of the sky it suddenly stopped. It was absolutely motionless for about 5 minutes. During this time it did not appear to change in anyway. And then suddenly it winked out and was gone. What I saw more or less describes the majority of these sightings. Sometimes multiple fireballs are observed, and sometimes their motions are erratic or extreme.

I have a strong interest in astronomy and one my friends is a storm chaser. Neither of us had seen anything like this before. We could say with confidence it was not a meteor, satellite, airplane, flare, or Chinese Lantern. I have seen these lanterns in the sky, and they do not look or move at all like this did. So what could be the explanation?

OK, there is something I haven’t told you yet. I knew what it was the whole time. It’s a firework. There were fireworks going off everywhere in the neighborhood that night. I happened to be looking at one a couple of blocks away. It was large but normal. And out of the center of it came this fireball. I saw another one of these fireballs in August 2012 when I happened to look out my bedroom window. It was exactly the same thing. I was inside and did not see or hear a firework, but they are common throughout the Summer here. I have to admit if I didn’t know what it was I would be very perplexed. What’s strange is how many people see these but don’t seem to connect them with fireworks. Anyway,  the UFO is explained for most cases. The rise in sightings in July and especially around the 4th is also explained.

But there still seems to be a bit of a mystery. I really wished I had went down the street to meet the people who launched the firework. I have never met anyone who knows anything about or has even heard of a firework like this. I can not find anything on the internet that describes a firework that would do something like this. Ironically the UFO is explained but the firework isn’t. I told NUFORC what I saw and they published my account. But few saw it and it made no difference. The sightings continue to be reported… If anyone knows something about these fireworks I would love to hear about it!